I truly despise this hashtag. If you are living authentically, I feel you don’t have to broadcast or advertise it. I’ve been reflecting a lot today about the passing of one of my all time favorite storytellers- Anthony Bourdain, and I realized the reason he meant so much to me, was his authenticity.

He brought such a realness to everything he did and let us experience with him. As a person that has always aired on the side of real and honest, as opposed to perma-positive, I can’t explain what an inspiration he was. Things aren’t always wonderful, and the way he was able to tell that story, without the fluff or being doom and gloom, was such a delicate balance that I found so beautiful.

Unfortunately, I feel that people that are real and genuine have the ability to feel things the deepest. I believe this to be why creatives are hit the hardest when it comes to issues of mental health. The ability to express either the highs or lows or both of the human experience is a talent that many don’t posses, but in order to tap into this, you have to feel it all for yourself.

I might be incorrect in my assumptions and observations, I by no means label myself a creative. I just know that I love to write, whether I am actually expressing anything of importance remains to be seen. What I do know, is that I have experienced all values of human emotion on the spectrum. With that, I find it understandable that someone onlookers would believe to have had an enviable life could feel the opposite, and that there was no way out.

Numerous suicide prevention lines are being tossed around today recommending people get help if they feel hopeless. But the stigma is just so intense. Even me admitting in this post that I can see where he may have been coming from, feels like I am admitting something truly shameful. And, quite frankly, sometimes help doesn’t help, so it’s an easy cop out to blast everywhere without grasping the complexity and tragedy of the situation.

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