IDFWU…but I do

So… I decided to give Jerry, from previous posts, another chance, in spite of a multitude of red flags. I really assumed there’s no way that a mediocre, not overly attractive, guy in his late 40s, is really slaying that much. I guess it worked on me though, so there must be some hidden “something” that is suckering people in.

The annoying part is he will always ask for a “sexy” pic, or ask me to dinner, with the caveat that “play time” must come after. Which I have not, and will not fall for, because there’s just something not right about him. When I was possibly incorrectly informed of his other girlfriends and such, I thought- mystery solved; but I’m not entirely sure that was accurate info.

In any event, whenever I confront these discrepancies and his overall shadiness, he calls me negative and then goes dark. And then in a couple weeks or so, once I’ve forgotten about him, he inevitably resurfaces like the creepster he is. And since I’ve stopped caring, I forget about how not cool he is, so I entertain it again, and so the cycle continues.

The most recent sketchball move he made is amazing to me, because it is so insanely stupid. I had asked about his evening, and for whatever reason, that prompted him to send a barrage of pics from his “solo” dinner. He always takes live photos and because I just had a feeling, and I’m smart, I decided to click on them, and the second photo prominently featured a girl’s red-fingernail-polished hand dropping a roll back on the plate, presumably so he could take the super bro-tastic food pic.

I have many thoughts on this. First of all, if I was ever on a date with a grown ass man that took insta food-porn pics… I would make fun of him mercilessly, and then question how long is socially acceptable to stick around after dinner before bailing. Second, and most importantly, how can such a shady character be so bad at hiding these things? Like how ignorant can you be about technology? I guess this explains being late 40s single, but what an idiot.

Ultimately, he and I aren’t dating. In fact, if anything, I was much more invested in someone else (see previous post, he gone). So though I don’t particularly care, I find it hilarious that he finds it necessary to lie. Maybe I should find it more fascinating that he continues to do not cool things and I continue to stick around for it, like how’s that grab ya, I just did something dumber. It’s incredible.

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