It Happens Like That

Why is it always when you give up on romance, and “take a break,” someone comes into your life that throws that plan off? It seems like the second you stop looking that’s when someone very important emerges. I feel so mixed on my recent turn of events, given that I was so excited to take a break from romance, and focus on me, but it’s so hard to let a good thing pass you by.

Further adding to the complication, is the resurfacing of the previously mentioned, Jerry. And by resurfacing, I mean me reaching out and opening the communication lines again. In doing so, I discovered that much of what I had previously been told about him could very well be false. Or maybe it’s not, and I’m a super sucker, but I have a hard time believing he’s just slaying the game.

On top of that, there’s now Gary that came out of nowhere to be pretty incredible. Quite honestly, he was a main motivator in getting this blog really going. He was very impactful in me realizing I needed to value my worth so much more, and he was helpful in me getting over a lot of things from the past. But he’s almost too much of a good thing at the moment. He almost always knows exactly what to say and do, and he can handle my moods better than almost anyone I know.

I’m stuck in a weird limbo of having/wanting nobody, to two people I want to see through. One of which I very likely just want to say I conquered, because the communication has never been that outstanding, yet we keep circling back. The other, Gary, I feel is too meaningful, good, and important to try and handle at this point in my life.

I usually go with the choice that makes the least amount of sense, so we shall see how this plays out.


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