Street Strangers

This title may be deceiving, as I’m about to talk about people that aren’t actually strangers, and this event doesn’t necessarily have to occur on the street (it very easily could occur at a bar, a game, or the store). I’m talking about those moments when you run into someone you have slept with, and you both pretend you don’t know each other.

This happened to me this week. Let me paint the picture with some background. I met Bobby in the same Bumble-binge that I met my ex, Bryan, as well as Jerry. Both Bobby and Jerry were pretty inspirational in my post titled, “Little Leaguers” so spoiler alert: things did not end well.

In any event, I committed to Bryan pretty quickly, possibly our second date, which left these two stragglers (Bobby and Jerry) out in the universe, and I attempted to entertain a friendship with both. Bobby was there to catch the Bryan fall, and I made an emotional/drunk mistake with him the night of the Super Bowl.

Then things were incredibly awkward for a month, though I wanted nothing to do with him, I was trying to get my purse that I had left that night. He was being distant and weird, however, we eventually made the exchange. Then a week or so after that we met up for drinks. I think I was trying to make everything seem more “normal” in my head, but when I really look at it, he definitely took advantage of someone in a vulnerable situation.

How this relates to Jerry- Jerry and I were pen pals as he was not in town for the majority of our… friendship, courtship, whatever. We met once, while he was in town, and I turned down his date request in order to go to a game with Bobby. Once the Bobby and Bryan situations fizzled, the Jerry one intensified, though I wasn’t overly into him. I was mainly attracted to the compassion he showed the one time we met, but he super sucked outside of that with texting and follow through.

Turns out he sucked at those things because he had at lease one girlfriend where he had been living, as well as in the same place as me. And the person that informed me of this was none other than Bobby. The time we hung-out I had said that Jerry was the only guy I was talking to, and as they both run in somewhat similar realms, I guess he took it upon himself to investigate ,or as he said “it just randomly came up.” In any event, he never said a word after dropping the bombshell on me that I was one of many, which to me, isn’t something a real friend would do, nor is sleeping with your drunk friend that is mid breakup I guess.

So it was especially awkward to be walking from lunch with coworkers this week, and see Bobby walk right past me on the street and say nothing. I’m not really sure what could have been said on my end, “Oh hey, how’s my most recent mistake, that prevented me from making another?” Due to that, I just looked the other direction, and added him to my spring cleaning list of Instagram removal, as I have no desire to think of him as anything but a stranger.

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