Spring has them Sprung

I started noticing last weekend that people from the past were crawling out of the woodwork in droves. Initially, I thought maybe it was the change of the season and people were looking to mate. However, with this Mercury in retrograde thing, I’m not sure what to think.

It’s truly uncanny though, the amount of people that have resurfaced. It’s probably important to note, that the past 5 days is the longest I’ve gone without absolutely any man drama. Even when I consider myself “technically single” there are usually still 2-5 guys lingering on the outskirts, that believe themselves to have something going on with me. I’m not proud of this, I think it’s a symptom of becoming bored too easily and entertaining those that do circle back.

I have often wondered about the circle back move. I used to assume that it was a testament to either a.) how memorable I am or b.) how much of a tramp I am. However, after consulting with a man, I think it is actually indicative of the fact that these guys get shot down and cut off from others, because they suck, and then scroll through their phones thinking of who might entertain their garbage.

Literally as I type this post, I just got a message saying: “Always looking good! Hope you’re doing well. Know you must be loving baseball start :)”

That gem while already pondering these things makes me realize it is also social media that prompts the circle back. I tend to  get more active with my social media when I’m single, which likely relates to increased outreach from the randoms. I’m sure I’ll get more in depth with these first two characters in future posts; but the most notable reach-outs were my most recent ex, Bryan, and the married man I left another state because of, Troy.

In the midst of the spring frenzy, I got a message I used to think I’d be more excited about. It was from Troy and it simply stated, “I’ve moved out and I’m officially divorcing.” Oddly, it had absolutely no affect on me. The other message I thought I’d be more excited for was from Bryan. I felt it in my bones that I would be hearing from him soon. So it was more just vindication to get the incredibly blasé, “How are you, how is work” text.

We will see if anything notable comes of this flurry of activity, but for now, I am incredibly content to let the circle back keep circling past me.


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