Little Leaguers (Men in Sports)

Men are skeezy. Professional athletes and entertainers are skeezy times a thousand. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but on average I think most know this to be true.

Due to this, I’ve always been, romantically, very anti-athlete, in spite of being a bit of a sports fanatic. On more than one occasion, I’ve schooled a bro on a topic that no mere girl could possibly know. Unfortunately, I have not applied the same “no athletes” rule to the supporting cast. These peripheral men that work in sports share my interests, but you would think without the skill, ability, and pay scale they would be slightly more humble.

However, I have learned on a few separate occasions that these guys are certainly still looking for groupie love. If you are thinking to yourself, “how do I spot these cloaked creepsters?” Don’t worry, I’ll feed you baby birds. If he posts pics of himself surrounded by the talent, he is likely trying to pull using their fame. If the majority of conversation you get is, “send me a sexy pic” definitely run/block/delete. They tend to lull you into thinking they understand/care, but odds are, they have a plethora of hoes in different area codes getting the super intellectually stimulating “send a sexy pic” line.

Another red flag, if the guy is of a reasonable age, when one ought to have been married and divorced at least once, that’s a problem. If he hasn’t been able to entertain the charade of monogamy at least long enough for that process, he’s a dirt bag’s dirt bag. I’m sure I’ll touch on this topic often in upcoming posts as this has been proven time and time again. If a man is over 40 years old and never married, there is likely very, very, good reason(s) for it.

If he’s not overly attractive, a troll, even, some (your friends that aren’t blind) may say. He likely derives his self esteem by praying on younger women that he leads to believe are the one he’s been looking for all these years.  He does this to feed his self esteem, knowing that he’s past his prime and can’t play the game at the big league level, and likely never could.

All I’m saying is stay woke to these little leaguers ladies. Happy Opening Day.

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